Musing 3: John Lloyd

I read this recently in a Times? interview with John Lloyd who has been responsible, or part-responsible, for so many good British tv programmes from Spitting Image and Blackadder to QI and Hitchhiker’s Guide …. While I wouldn’t suggest for a second that I share even a scintilla of his wit, imagination or intelligence, I completely understand what he’s saying. In a freelance consultancy for which I was head-hunted by a respected MD I came across exactly the same thing. My immediate ‘superior’ (joke; unless incompetence, disorganisation and a complete lack of culture and education count as superiority) not only took complete credit for everything I did, he also went to great lengths to exclude me from as much as possible. Emotional intelligence tells me this type of behaviour emanates from weakness and a sense of inferiority, but it’s still very painful – especially when you’ve been privileged to work for so many years in a real team atmosphere, as I have with Tim and David.

“I’ve been serially
sacked from so many
things over the years, not
for doing anything wrong,
but just for being surplus to
requirements. If you start
something, people think
they don’t need you and
can do it themselves. It
happens a lot.”
Some huge names owe
their careers, and some
companies their success, to
Lloyd, but most would now
deny it. He is one of TV’s
greatest initiators, but the
vanity and incompetence
of others deny him the
place he should have in the
world. Of course, they’ll all
say they did it themselves.